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Arizona Seasons can be harsh on your Walk Deck

Arizona Seasons can be harsh on your Walk Deck

Don’t laugh when someone mentions Arizona seasons!

Contrary to the general consensus that this desert state enjoys summer conditions all-year-round, believe it or not, but Arizona does indeed have four seasons – summer, fall, winter and spring. And the harsh climatic changes in temperature that take place across the Sonoran desert have a huge impact on the maintenance and repair work required to keep walk decks in good condition.

Look no further than FireSky Coatings to get the job done properly. Based in Phoenix, and with more than 15 years of service throughout Arizona, FireSky Coatings specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of walk decks, be they residential or commercial.

The Arizona climate

Great extremes in temperature occur between daylight and night-time throughout Arizona.

These extreme changes in temperature can run to 50 degrees F during the dry seasons, while during the winter months Arizona’s daytime 70 degrees F can plummet to below freezing point in the desert valley regions. Cold air from Canada penetrates into the state, bringing with it temperatures that fall to well below zero in the mountainous areas of central and northern Arizona. The desert can experience freezing temperatures with the thermometer dipping to -35 degrees F, while high temperatures reaching 100 degrees F are common throughout the summer season at lower elevations.

Now, let’s take a look at the seasons and how they impact on your walk deck or, if you haven’t done so already, why you should give serious consideration to having a walk deck installed on your property.


There is no better time to enjoy your walk deck with family and friends than during the Spring season which starts in early March. It is one of the best times of year to visit this desert state and is also the best time of year to take advantage of the natural splendors of this desert landscape.

The air is laden with the perfume of lemon, orange and grapefruit trees in bloom, while in higher regions the mountainsides are covered in wildflowers. The mild evenings and starry skies add a stark contrast to the desert landscape. What better way to enjoy nature than from a walk deck, and who better to contact than FireSky Coatings?


Summer starts in May and heralds the onset of the Arizona monsoon season. From May until mid-September dry, hot days are often accompanied by torrential rain, lashing winds and sand storms that sweep across the Sonoran desert, turning day into night. It is during the monsoon season that walk decks take a beating from the elements. Rainwater trapped in walk deck crevices and forming puddles on the flooring can cause serious damage if not checked in time. Lashing winds, together with mile-high sandstorms, cause further erosion to surfaces of walk decks.

There is no better professional team of experts to undertake your repair and regular maintenance work than FireSky Coatings. After many years of trial and error, FireSky allied themselves with Polycoat Products, a name that is trusted throughout the construction industry for its innovative technology that keeps it in the forefront of protective coating systems.


Fall starts in October through November and Arizonans prepare themselves for the onset of winter storms. There is no better time to check the condition of your walk deck to ensure that it can withstand the onset freezing winter temperatures. Why not take advantage of FireSky Coatings’ free inspection service offered to all residents of Arizona?


December heralds the start of winter and its accompanying storms that occur in the higher mountain regions of the northern and central parts of Arizona. These storms bring heavy snowfalls, yet another weather element that impacts on the condition of walk decks. The responsibility of owning a walk deck is no different than that of owning a home. The onus is on the property owner to keep these assets in good condition to maintain their value.

For these reasons it is crucial that you inspect the condition of your walk deck at least once a year, preferably before monsoon season, and appoint a leading specialist company, such as FireSky Coatings, to undertake any maintenance and repair work that is needed.

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