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A Walk Deck is essentially the same as a roof, and here in the Southwest they are exposed to some harsh weather. From the blistering heat in the summer, to the sub-freezing temperatures in the winter, they can really take a beating.

Over the years through our experience of trial and error, we have used all types of walk deck materials. And we have found that the materials we use today are the best available on the market. The products we use provide the homeowner with the peace in mind that their walk deck is prepared for anything.

Polycoat Products is the market leader in Waterproofing, Coatings, and Systems. Their technology and innovation has resulted in some of the most well respected Coating Systems in the industry. For over 3 decades, Polycoat Products has been selling proven Polycoat Solutions to contractors, architects, and specifiers.

Polycoat Products - Waterproofing Coatings

Why Do We Use These Products?


Resistant to Abrasion

Highly Resistant to Impact

Flexible at Low Temperatures

Doesn’t Sweat or Deteriorate in Water

Electrical Properties

Resistant to Oil, Grease, and Chemicals

Radiation Resistant

Noise Reduction Capacity

Return On Investment

Increased Profitability

Reduces maintenance costs, repairs & equipment downtime

Adds years to the life of any surface or equipment

Elongation properties eliminate – cracking – peeling – splitting

Provides an impermeable barrier against – rust – corrosion – weather – chemical seepage

Even with the best material, every project must be done perfectly.

Quality Materials