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Walk Deck Installation

Walk Deck Installation is an extremely tedious process which requires a skilled professional. There are a handful of steps in the installation process that must be followed closely. The "Walk Deck Guys" at FireSky Coatings have over 15 years of experience working with all kinds of different materials and manufacturers. They have installed and tested all of the most popular solutions for walk deck systems. With years of trial and error, FireSky Coatings believes they have the best solution on the market for walk deck installation.

Installation Process


The first step is to prepare the deck for the new walk deck system. Preparation is an essential part of any project.


Next, a special primer must be applied to help the material bond well with the existing deck.

Base Coat

Then, the main system compound is applied to the deck to create a smooth, durable, and waterproofing membrane. 


The next step is to apply your preferred texture to the deck surface. Some textures include sand or rubber granules. 

Final Coat

Finally, the top coat is installed for a spectacular finish. The final coat comes in a variety of colors.

5 X 5 Warranty

At FireSky Coatings, we stand behind our work by offering a 5 Year Warranty on every Walk Deck that we install!

Free Walk Deck Evaluation

FireSky Coatings offers a Free Evaluation. If you see any issues with your Deck, don’t wait for the rain to come! Call The Walk Deck Guys!