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Why Good Quality Walk Deck Coatings are Essential

Walk Deck Coatings

Walk deck coatings in Arizona are exposed to extreme changes in weather conditions, from the scorching heat of the summer months to below-freezing temperatures in winter. If not properly treated, walk decks can crack, blister and buckle. But there is one company in Arizona – FireSky Coatings – that has come up with the solution to these and related problems.

In fact, FireSky Coatings is so confident about the coating products they use to repair and maintain walk decks, that they give their customers a five-year warranty on their workmanship!

But FireSky’s journey to “perfection” came with years of trial and error. “We used all types of walk deck materials over the years and finally hit on a product range that gives our customers peace of mind in the knowledge that their walk decks are prepared to withstand any type of weather condition,” explains FireSky owner, Adam Niskanen. The products used have been developed by industry leaders in protective coatings, Polycoat Products. Their technology and innovation have attracted the support of contractors and architects throughout the construction industry.

Niskanen says the reasons FireSky Coatings uses these products include benefits such as:

  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to impact 
  • Flexibility at low temperatures
  • Resistance to sweating or deteriorate in water 
  • Electrical properties 
  • Resistance to oil, grease, and chemicals 
  • Resistance to radiation  
  • Noise reduction Capacities 

Other advantages include:

  • Increased profitability 
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs, and equipment downtime
  • Added years to the life of any surface or equipment
  • Elongation properties that eliminate cracking, peeling, and splitting
  • Provides an impermeable barrier against rust, corrosion, weather impacts, and chemical seepage

Niskanen believes that every job undertaken by FireSky Coatings must be completed to a very high standard of workmanship. To achieve this goal, FireSky Coatings’ work ethic includes using only the best quality materials, fastidious pre-work preparation and a work process that must be followed by the book by all its professional technicians. Known as the “go to guys” for all walk deck needs, be it installation, repair or maintenance, FireSky Coatings has developed a strategic process for each and every one of its walk deck procedures. “Everything must be perfect because one small mistake can potentially ruin an entire project. And that is why we stand behind our work and promise service, integrity, and quality in all that we do,” explains Niskanen.

The Coating Products

The Polycoat Products used by FireSky include a two-component epoxy primer which is non-gassing, with thermal stable elastomeric properties. Its decking Polycoat product is a user-friendly, low odor coating system that is specifically designed to be tough and durable to withstand light to heavy pedestrian traffic. Its high elongation elastomeric system properties allow it to expand and contract with normal structural movements and can be applied to protect surfaces against spalling, freeze/thaw damage, and chemicals commonly encountered on pedestrian decks. It will not soften in heat nor become brittle in the cold.

Your “go to guys”

FireSky Coatings is based in Phoenix and has built, repaired and maintained decks throughout Arizona for more than 15 years. No job is too big or too small for this company – from residential to commercial walk decks.

FireSky offers a five-year warranty on its workmanship, as well as a free inspection service.

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