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About FireSky Coatings

About Firesky Coatings

This is an Arizona based and family owned business enterprise that has been in operation for more than fifteen years. We provide an array of construction services including waterproofing, walk deck installation, maintenance and repairs, patio, commercial and residential walkways, catwalks, deck drainage and coating etc. we handle all manner of waterproofing needs. FireSky Coatings technicians have the skills, knowledge and proficiency to handle various waterproofing needs across Arizona region. Over the years we have built capacity and established our Arizona enterprise. We have a strong reputation for our unique, quality and long lasting walk deck designs and waterproofing excellence.

Walk decks: These are outdoor spaces constructed on the outside of the house or on the rooftop. The intention is to allow the family to walk freely on the deck. FireSky Coatings designs and constructs concrete walk decks. Most Arizona homeowners already have or aspire to have walk decks gracing their backyard or rooftops. The specially designed FireSky Coatings walk decks provide a refreshing environment where the family can relish the beauty of their surroundings.

FireSky Coatings has a team of vastly experienced, knowledgeable and expert technicians. We know the best coating liquid that ensures that the walk deck is tightly waterproofed. Our coating products are thicker and tougher than the regular coatings used for roofing.  In order to guarantee durability the coating material has elastomeric characteristics that make it possible for the coating to contract or expand depending on the weather conditions.  FireSky Coatings waterproofing products will seal your walk decks, patios, decks etc. from any leaks. The coating has ultraviolet radiation protection properties as well. The deck will remain cool irrespective of the weather condition.

Installation and maintenance services: We have mastered the proficiency to install customized walk decks in the entire Arizona State. We will walk with you in choosing a preferred design, style and color for your walk deck, balcony, or roof decks etc. Our primary objective is to make sure we put all considerations on the table and deliver a design that will impress and satisfy our customers. FireSky Coatings has a team of craftsmen who have mastered the art of producing unique and different designs. Our services are highly differentiated. We are unique in standards, quality and design. We will never relent on quality.

FireSky Coatings also provides maintenance services with a view to extend the life of your utility. If your walk deck has been leaking and every possible alternative solution has not yielded any lasting outcome, we will step in and address the root cause. We are experts in diagnosing problems with your decks, walls, rooftops etc. FireSky Coatings professionals never second guess a problem. We stay at it until the problem is comprehensively resolved. After five years following a walk deck installation we will do some scheduled maintenance prior to renewing your walk deck warranty for another five years. You have the unique opportunity to benefit from our 10 years comprehensive warranty for all our walk deck installations.

We also conduct repair and replacement services for the aged and deteriorating walk decks. Having a walk deck that has not been examined for years can occasion serious accidents. It is risky. FireSky Coatings examines such walk decks with a view of diagnosing and resolving all the issues. If the walk deck requires replacement we will communicate all the possible alternatives to achieving a desired outcome. Our goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied with high standards and long lasting answers to all their walk deck needs.

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