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Why Install a Walk Deck?

Why Install a Walk Deck

Arizonans have come to realize that adding a walk deck to their homes is following the pattern of the great American tradition for expanding living spaces. But before plunging ahead with the project, property owners must take several key factors into consideration.

These include:

  • Design issues
  • Selecting the right materials
  • Working within a pre-determined budget
  • Taking into consideration weather patterns
  • Building a walk-deck to suit individual lifestyle needs
  • And finally, but perhaps the most crucial, building a deck that will serve the family for many years to come

Now any savvy property owner who examines this list of criteria will realize that building a walk deck should be left to the professionals. And there is no better company to fulfil all of these factors than Phoenix-based FireSky Coatings. With more than 15 years of experience under the belt, FireSky Coatings has an impressive track record for installing walk decks – both residential and commercial – throughout the length and breadth of Arizona State. FireSky’s professionally-trained technicians will advise on the right design for your lifestyle and for the area in which you live, the correct materials to withstand climatic changes, a walk deck that will withstand the test of time, and present you with a proposed project based on your budget constraints.

Why choose FireSky Coatings?

Choosing FireSky to install your walk deck is compounded by several plus factors.

  1. They are so proud and confident of their work ethic that all FireSky walk decks are underwritten by a five-year warranty.
  2. Property owners can contact the company for a free inspection of the site.
  3. This no-strings-attached approach makes choosing FireSky Coatings an easy choice.
  4. The company only uses top quality coating products that protect decking materials for many years.
  5. FireSky Coatings has been serving Arizonans for more than 15 years.

Design issues

When considering the design of your walk deck you should take your favorite outdoor activities into consideration. These will dictate the shape, size and features required for your walk deck.


If you enjoy eating el-fresco, then make sure your deck is large enough to accommodate an eating area for your table and chairs. Also, consider sufficient spacing around the area to allow people to move about comfortably. There should also be room for a prep station, serving area, and a grill. Another handy tip is to ensure that handrails are wide and flat-capped to serve as an area on which to rest drinks.

If you are more of a “lounger”, create a zone for your comfy chairs and a low table on which to rest your book and a drink. Depending on local codes, fire pits are a lovely asset to enjoy your walk deck on chilly evenings and are a great mood-setter. Your FireSky technician will assist you to visualize the yard space your deck will cover, as well as its shape and utilization of views.

Another asset-earning walk deck feature is the inclusion of a pergola which will shield you from strong rays but will still allow you to enjoy the sunshine. Pergolas can be oriented to take full benefit of the seasons. If you have near-lying neighbours, consider installing a vertical privacy screen. This will create an acoustic and visual barrier between the deck and the house next door.

Why appoint professionals?

If you go the DIY-route, chances are that you could violate local building codes that cover aspects such as deck design and construction, structural requirements and size limits. Consider the installation of a walk deck as a financial investment that can reap rich rewards, not only from a lifestyle point-of-view but also from the added value of your property. Only a professional can safeguard that investment. Someone like FireSky Coatings.

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