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Benefits of Owning a Walk Deck in Arizona

Benefits of Owning a Walk Deck in Arizona

It’s not only the versatility but the touch of class that walk deck offer homeowners in Arizona. No matter where positioned, walk decks are a marvellous way in which to expand living areas and a great way in which to enjoy the outdoors. Imagine sipping a drink under starry skies, or barbecuing with family and friends, walk decks offer homeowners countless benefits to improve their way of life.

The biggest plus-factor regarding walk decks is their versatility. They can be built as a free-standing backyard living area. They can be added to the rooftop of your home. They can become an extension of the upper-level of your property. Walk decks are simply a great leisure area to add panache to any lifestyle while making a significant impact on expanded living space and property values. Because you can choose to go extravagant or opt for a simple construction, walk decks can
be installed to fit any budget.

Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, walk decks can be designed to meet your budget and there is no one better company to turn to for all your walk deck needs than FireSky Coatings. Based in Phoenix, FireSky has been building, maintaining, and repairing walk decks throughout the length and breadth of Arizona for more than 15 years.

Benefits of Walk Decks

One of the biggest benefits of a walk deck is the cost-factor. Walk decks expand living areas but cost a fraction of what you would have to pay to build a
new addition to your home. And, as already mentioned, the versatility of walk decks adds flexibility for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors.

FireSky Coatings will assist you with making the most of your added living space by taking into consideration the different weather patterns throughout the year to enable year-round use and functionality.

Now let’s take a closer look at the different types of decks you can choose to suit both your purse-strings and your lifestyle.

Roof decks

If you elect to have a walk deck installed on your rooftop, not only will you now have access to a previously “dead” area of the property but you will also gain the benefit of relishing views from an elevated platform area. Rooftop walk decks also provide added shading to your home during the hot and dry Arizona summer months.
FireSky Coatings has installed roof decks at both residential and commercial properties, and this trend in increasing living areas is growing in popularity throughout Arizona. Whether your property is situated in a city location or is surrounded by scenic countryside, adding a roof deck is a creative solution to providing an outdoor living area while making use of the elevated views of your surroundings.

Outdoor dining deck

Alfresco dining is an American tradition and what better way to enjoy this pastime than from an outdoor deck? Depending on your budget and lifestyle needs, an outdoor dining deck can be utilized for a complete built-in kitchen or simple grill. FireSky Coatings will advise you on the best use of materials and the type of structure needed to accommodate load-bearing needs for equipment and furniture.

Backyard deck

Backyards have been transformed from lonely and neglected areas into an entertainer’s oasis with the addition of a deck. FireSky Coatings have design plans for many different shapes and sizes for these backyard retreats that can be transformed into private lounges with the addition of curtaining and screens. In fact, many homeowners have “decked out” these backyard havens with opulent furnishings, solar paneling, mood-lighting and electric power-points to further enhance their lifestyle.

Stand-alone decks

Stand-along or free-standing decks are not attached to a property. They can be installed in a sunny area of the garden, under a canopy of trees and shrubs, near swimming pools, or any section of your outdoor area that is presently underutilized.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of a walk deck then you are urged to contact FireSky Coatings for professional advice and guidance. This is a free service.

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