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Hiring a Walk Deck Company in Arizona

Hiring a Walk Deck Company

If you have been dreaming of adding a walk deck to your property on which to enjoy the many splendors of the Arizona desert landscape, STOP for a moment to consider the crucial importance of appointing the right company to get the job done correctly from the outset.

Extending your living space with the addition of a walk deck on which to socialize with family and friends should be left in the hands of professionals such as Phoenix-based FireSky Coatings. Unlike most of their competitors who are basically roofing companies, FireSky specializes only on building, maintaining, repairing and waterproofing of walk decks.

Established as a family-owned business more than 15 years ago, FireSky Coatings has completed numerous projects throughout the length and breadth of Arizona. They build walk decks for both the residential and commercial sectors and no project is too big or too small for this specialist company.

Planning your walk deck

Make a list of what is important to your lifestyle for inclusion in your walk deck. For example, will it be an area on which to enjoy the outdoors while eating a meal or do you want to install an outdoor Jacuzzi on your deck? Set your budget so that a FireSky professional technician can advise and suggest what can and cannot be achieved.

Other considerations should include:

The size of the deck in terms of the space available – this will enable FireSky to create a walk deck design to meet your needs.

Will the deck be built on more than one level – for example, will the deck lead down to the garden and pool area.

Do you want to include features on the deck – this could include built-in seating, a fire pit or even a water feature.

Finding a contractor to build your deck

There are several ways in which to find a walk deck contractor, but good sources of information could include word-of-mouth recommendations from other family members or friends or asking contractors to show you examples of projects they have previously undertaken and completed. Another method is to search the internet and to visit the websites of reputable walk deck companies and organizations such as the National Association of Homebuilders.

Questions to ask your contractor

  • How many walk decks has the company built?
  • Will the contractor obtain required permits?
  • What are the payment schedule requirements?
  • Were projects completed within the budget?
  • Did they keep customers informed of costs as the project progressed?
  • How did the contractor handle problems and any setbacks?
  • Do the contractor’s workmen clean up the area on completion of the day’s work?
  • Is the contractor flexible about a change of plans changed while the work is in progress?

Why appoint FireSky Coatings?

FireSky Coatings is an excellent choice when it comes to appointing a company to install, repair, maintain or waterproof your walk deck because they specialize in the field. FireSky Coatings offers its customers a five-year warranty as well as a free evaluation and inspection service.

FireSky Coatings will take you by the hand and lead you down this adventurous path.

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