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How To Choose your Walk Deck Specialist

how to choose your walk deck specialist

A great way to select a specialist company to install your walk deck is to check out customer reviews. Awesome”, “great follow-up”, and “very professional” are just some of the comments made by satisfied customers of FireSky Coatings.

This family-owned business is based in Phoenix and has been building, maintaining and repairing walk decks throughout the State of Arizona for more than 15 years. Word-of-mouth referrals have played a significant role in helping FireSky Coatings to cement a solid reputation over the years. Add to that its impressive list of completed projects and any property owner will feel comfortable to appoint this specialist company to undertake the construction of their walk deck.

What sets FireSky Coatings aside from its competitors is that the company specializes only in the installation, waterproofing, maintenance and repair of walk decks, and is not a roofing contractor who also builds roof decks. This allows FireSky to focus solely on walk decks, and not offer the service as an added extra, making them specialists in their chosen field of operation.

Reasons to appoint a specialist

The founder of FireSky Coatings, Adam Niskanen, has a hands-on approach and personally spent many years on the walk deck and waterproofing trade before going solo. Perfection is Niskanen’s hallmark and that is why every project is undertaken with the end-goal being the delivery of a flawless product. Further underlining the company’s perfectionist work ethic, FireSky never rushes any job. Walk deck construction is a tedious and time-consuming process, and to ensure a perfect finish the company believes in getting the job done properly from the start to avoid future problems. It’s no wonder, then, that FireSky Coatings is so confident about its high standards of workmanship that it offers each and every one of its customers throughout Arizona a five- year warranty.

No contract is too big or too small for FireSky Coatings which undertakes:

  • Walk deck installation – be it residential or commercial
  • Walk deck maintenance and repairs
  • Walk deck waterproofing using market leader products

Another good reason to appoint a specialist company like FireSky Coatings is that they use only the best tried-and-trusted quality coating solutions on the market, ensuring customer satisfaction and an end-product that will withstand the test of time. It is for this reason, as well as its pride in workmanship, that allows FireSky to offer its customers a five-year warranty.

FireSky technicians use a variety of Polycoat Products to treat and waterproof all types of commercial decks, flooring, and walkways. Polycoat Products is a recognized market leader in waterproofing, coatings, and systems. Polycoat Product technology and innovation are widely acknowledged in the industry, and these coating solutions are among some of the most respected coating systems used by contractors and architects.


While there may be many roofing contractors out there who also build walk decks, FireSky concentrates solely on this very specialized niche market and while not only guaranteeing its workmanship for five whole years, also offers customers a free inspection service!

It is for all these reasons that If you should look no further than FireSky Coatings if you are considering the construction of a walk deck at your property. FireSky Coatings is an undisputed professional installation and waterproofing company.

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