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Rooftop Views are a Slice of Heaven

Rooftop Deck Views

If you are looking for your very own slice of heaven then there is little to beat the views offered by a roof-top deck.

Enlarging your living space has long been an American tradition and residents of Arizona will know that they couldn’t ask for a better place to live in which to experience the breathtaking views of this desert landscape paradise.

Depending on the locality of your property, rooftop decks can offer 360-degree views of the desert, the mountains, and the starry skies. Surely there can be no better place to relax with your family and friends than from a rooftop deck!

Apart from enlarging your living space, one of the greatest reasons to build a deck is the views. There can be no better vantage point than from your rooftop, be it urban city skylines or the surrounding desert landscapes. From sipping sundowners while watching the sunset, enjoying a barbecue under starry skies, or watching the changing color kaleidoscope of the “desert-scape” as the sun rises, a rooftop deck will take your breath away.

Who can help me realize my dream?

When planning the installation of a roof deck at your home you must seriously understand the importance of appointing a specialist to handle the project. Attempting a DIY project could have disastrous consequences because the construction of rooftop decks can be extremely complicated.

Unless the original roof was designed to include a deck, the installation of a deck can present many design problems, particularly if the construction has to take place on a slanted surface. There are two ways to overcome this problem. The most common method used is to open a section of the roof and then utilize a section of the attic as a deck.

Because this kind of property presents several installation and accessibility challenges, it is always best left to a professional. And there is one company in Arizona that always comes up with the solution to any decking challenge, and that is FireSky Coatings.

A fact that sets FireSky Coatings apart from their competitors is that the company concentrates solely on the installation, maintenance, repair, and waterproofing of any type of deck. This has made them recognized specialists in the field of decking.

The company has been operating throughout Arizona for more than 15 years and because of their worth ethic of producing top quality workmanship in all that they do, FireSky Coatings can offer their customers a five-year warranty on all projects they undertake.

How much does it cost to build a deck?

The cost of installing a deck at your property will obviously depend on several factors:

  • Size of the deck
  • The weight the deck needs to support
  • Structural requirements
  • Added features such as a fire pit

When you take all these factors into consideration, it becomes obvious that this type of project requires the services of a professional.

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