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Roof Patios are Gaining Popularity

Roof Patios

The popularity of roof patios is gaining momentum because this can be a relatively inexpensive way in which to turn a previously under-utilized area of a property into an outdoor expanded living space.

Many Arizonans are taking full advantage of this solution to create a recreational area for their family and friends and from which to view the area’s stunning desert landscape. If you are considering installing a roof patio on your property then you should contact FireSky Coatings, a specialist in all decking fields.

This Phoenix-based family-owned company has been building, repairing, maintaining, and waterproofing decks throughout Arizona for more than 15 years. No matter how big or small the project, FireSky Coatings has the solution and their training professional technicians will give you the best advice to suit your individual needs.

What is a roof patio?

The most common way to create a roof patio at a residential property is to open a section of the roof and then transform a portion of the attic area into an outdoor living space.

A roof patio attached to a house utilizes the structure of the property by supporting one end of the roof to a ledger that is mounted horizontally to the house. The ledger is designed to hold up one end of the roof patio rafters. Commercial properties, such as office blocks and shopping malls, are turning more and more to the creation of green roofs.

Essentially, a green roof is a landscaped roof-top garden area which offers several benefits including:

  • Improved insulation
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Improved worker morale

Why choose FireSky Coatings?

When it comes to choosing a decking specialist to undertake your roof patio construction, look no further than FireSky Coatings, an Arizona company with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

During that time, FireSky Coatings has built, repaired, maintained and waterproofed both residential and commercial decks throughout the Arizona State. Based in Phoenix, this family-owned business prioritizes top quality materials and workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction. Installing a walk deck on your property requires a financial investment – an investment that should be left in the hands of a specialist professional.

The company concentrates solely on all things walk deck-related and has the solutions and design knowledge to meet all briefs. FireSky Coatings is the “talk to guys” when it comes to all things deck-related in Arizona. Perfection is their hallmark and that is why every project is undertaken with the end-goal being the delivery of a flawless product.


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