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Deck Membranes – Go the DIY Route or Hire a Professional?

Deck Membranes

When it comes to protecting the surface of your walk deck you can choose to go the DIY route by purchasing an over-the-counter product, or you can hire a professional to get the job done properly.

It is an undisputed fact that liquid-applied high-performance membranes offer extended protection against the most damaging weather conditions, and one of the leading industry-acknowledged membrane solutions used extensively in the decking construction field is manufactured by Polycoat Products.

Their decking solution products are used exclusively by Phoenix-based decking specialist company, FireSky Coatings, who believes that getting the job done correctly from the get-go will prevent expensive problems in the future.

After years of trial and error, FireSky Coatings’ founder, Adam Niskanen, says that he decided to ally himself with Polycoat Products because of the top quality of the decking solutions range it manufactures – products endorsed by both building contractors and architects.

Decking membranes can be applied to both new and existing structures and provide a shield against Arizona’s extreme weather conditions – from scorching summer heat to sub-zero winter temperatures that cause blistering, buckling and cracking of deck surfaces.

Niskanen says waterproofing decks with a membrane solution is an essential step in the construction process. Some of the projects completed by FireSky Coatings during its 15-plus years of servicing customers throughout the length and breadth of Arizona include pedestrian decks, walkways, garage floors, commercial floors and planters. All FireSky”s waterproofing products are supplied by Polycoat Products.

What are the benefits of a deck membrane?

Membranes provide:

  • A simple waterproofing solution
  • Prevents slipping
  • Easy maintenance

Apart from installing decks, FireSky Coatings also specializes in repairing and waterproofing failed systems including balconies and stairways. Without a membrane-protected surface, roof decks are damaged by water intrusion that can result in rotting of the framework and shear walls.

While expansion and contraction cannot be avoided because of changes in temperature, a waterproofing membrane will prevent the flooring from cracking and splitting.

Remember, any water that penetrates a deck coating is a leak waiting to happen and this can be easily avoided by appointed a professional company, like FireSky Coatings to get the job done properly from the outset.

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