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Prepare your Deck for Arizona’s Monsoon Season

Prepare your Deck for Arizona's Monsoon Season

I know you may be saying “monsoon season is months away”, what with temperatures in Arizona currently at highs in the mid- 70°s and lows in the upper-40 °s, but it is never too soon to start preparing for monsoon season.

And nothing is truer than for property owners who have walk decks installed at their homes or commercial enterprises.

Property owners forget to keep an eye on the condition of their walk decks which are generally under-utilized during the winter months and are subject to Arizona’s extreme desert climate changes. So says a spokesman for FireSky Coatings, a Phoenix-based company that specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of walk decks.

Preparing for the monsoon season

Arizona’s monsoon season starts in June through to September, and all summer long the State experiences the heavy rainfall and strong winds associated with the monsoon season.

According to FireSky Coatings, property owners should inspect their walk decks after the rains to make sure that water drains properly. The water should flow off the deck naturally, with no large puddles left behind. Water puddles trapped on a walk deck for any length of time could cause damage to the construction.

FireSky Coatings says it is for this reason that property owners must ensure that protective products will not crack because of climatic changes in temperatures. Waterproofing must be flexible, durable and offer years of protection. The company uses widely-acclaimed Polycoat Products and is so certain of the durability of this coating solution that it can offer its customers a five-year warranty on workmanship.

Neglecting to inspect your walk deck could create major problems down the line such as rotting, an expensive and obtrusive repair. To prevent this, top-class waterproofing is essential and FireSky Coatings has been providing solutions to residents of Arizona for leaking walk decks for more than 15 years by using quality materials and adhering to a strict and meticulous prep-work program.

Reasons why the condition of walk decks deteriorate


The monsoon season is heralded by dry winds blowing from the west and south-west. These winds then swing to the south and southeast, bringing in moist air from the Gulf of California. Coupled with the summer heat, monsoon storms are fuelled by that moisture.


Mile-high sandstorms that turn day into night often occur after monsoon thunderstorms in southern Arizona. These sand storms have a corrosive effect on the materials used to build walk decks. Regular maintenance and repair of walk deck surfaces are therefore essential.

Flash floods

Arizona is subjected to torrential rain when flash floods occur during monsoon season. The damage caused by water trapped in crevices or on the surface of walk decks makes good waterproof coatings a high priority.

High winds

Arizona thunderstorm winds can reach 100 mph and owners of walk decks should inspect near-lying trees that could be struck by lightning and have branches broken during these storms.


Owning a walk deck not only enhances your lifestyle, it adds a lot of extra value to your property. For these reasons it is crucial that you inspect the condition of your walk deck at least once a year, preferably before monsoon season, and appoint a specialist, such as FireSky Coatings, to undertake any maintenance and repair work that is needed.

Why not call FireSky Coatings today for a FREE INSPECTION to evaluate the condition of your walk deck and give you an estimate of any maintenance work costs.

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