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Phoenix Walk Deck

Phoenix Walk Deck

Having a walk deck on your home is an awesome way of relishing a fantastic view and enjoying the Phoenix weather. FireSky Coatings constructs personalized walk decks. We will make your house stand out.

It is important to have a properly coated walk deck. In circumstances where you are unsure about your walk deck coating contact us. Out technician will inspect it. We are experts in constructing, repairing and inspecting walk decks. The overall appearance and health status of a house are significantly associated with the quality standard of the walk deck. Walk decks allow for serene relaxing environment around a home.

Walk decks are essentially flat surfaces constructed on house roof or adjacent to a house. Often they are built using concrete or wood. The problem sets in if the coating is not done well. Poor coating can fundamentally affect the integrity of the walk deck structure and add on the cost for repairing. The kind of coating we use is durable, perfect in both wet and hot conditions, waterproof and fully adhered. Our coating will make sure the walk deck quality is well maintained. You will be at rest with our coating.

Our services

Repair: Our technicians can easily diagnose any issues with the walk deck and offer inclusive repair services.

Replace: We can replace the existing walk deck and provide warranties for the new walk decks

Install: Our professionals have the capacity to install modern walk decks with minimal interruptions to the home.

About Walk decks

Walk decks are used as an elegant channel through which you can inject style and elegance into a home. They are perfect on roof tops, at the garden or at elevated levels of a home.  They are perfect places to have leisure.  Lovers of nature will find this accessory quite enjoyable since they can have fun in an open space while still at home. During summer walk decks are perfect for holding barbecues with family and friends. It is also a perfect location for sun basking.

At times the house might feel a bit congested often because the available space is not utilized in the correct manner. It is an American tradition to include some walk deck in the home with an objective of creating more space. An increasing number of homeowners are even considering their roofs for more usable spaces outdoors.

Walk deck benefits

Walk decks have many benefits and that is the reason homeowners cherish their inclusion.

Outdoor life: The walk deck provides the homeowner with some perfect space outdoors without spending more cash in building some additional room.

Perfect use of Space at the house roof: Where the roof is converted into a walk deck the benefits include an amazing outside view from the rooftop. The walk deck on a roof also acts as a sunshade to the home during summer. Properly constructed walk decks do not need a great deal of maintenance. They will increase your space and improve the elegance of the property. This is why walk decks add value to property. They help improve listing value for a house that is on sale.

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