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Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing

FireSky Coatings is a reputable and experienced commercial waterproofing company. Our crews are experienced and skilled in waterproofing. We use the highest quality materials and the most advanced equipment while executing our projects. We clean the area using adequate pressure with an objective of removing any mildew and contaminants prior to starting the thorough process of waterproofing the water problem.

We seal any missing joints and damaged areas making sure to install a potent barrier for waterproofing. Materials used for sealing cracks can degrade with time therefore creating points where water can percolate through. Moisture may slowly percolate into crevices and the process may get exacerbated through seasons of thaw and freeze cycles. Our commercial waterproofing division has capacity and proficiency to cut the degraded sealant, install other neoprene backers inside the gaps and thereafter use the appropriate sealant for any particular need.

Silicone is an incredible material that has managed to inspire waterproofing in many constructions. The problem with the product is that this is not an appropriate waterproofing material construction companies should be using. Today there’re better urethane materials for sealing that promise better results. We will give you details on the ways you could improve the quality of waterproofing on your property. At times masonry joints require to be made tuck pointed so as to alleviate unnecessary moisture. Following the replacement of sealant materials and mortar, a waterproofing expert will install tinted or clear coatings for waterproofing. The coating will maintain dry walls.

Services for commercial waterproofing

Walk decks coating and parking garage waterproofing is also part of our specialty. Walk deck sealants are likely to get fragile with time and might need replacement so as to maintain minimal water penetration. We know how to extend the life of the walk deck and parking structure.

Since we have incredible experience in commercial waterproofing we have the proficiency to give advice on what needs to be done at the project site. After waterproofing materials are adequately installed we also paint the surface using an appealing color that guarantees elegance and waterproofing.  The paint also helps add another layer of protection on sealant.

Reasons to choose FireSky for commercial waterproofing

Our list of diverse clients has witnessed our waterproofing proficiency over the decades. This means that all our clients have roofs that have remained free of any leakages for decades. We will offer customized services to any client. The most potent coatings, sealants and other construction materials are utilized in ensuring longevity in water protection.

Our clients

  • Apartment complex owners: It is the responsibility of the landlord to make any necessary repairs to the building. The installation of quality coatings and sealants is important in alleviating future losses in profits owing to extensive water damage. Any water leaks can cause insurance and safety issues in the apartment building. Quality maintenance helps ensure tenant retention.
  • Retail store: It is a known fact the customers are attracted by the appeal they have of their environment. Mold smell, water damage to stock and wet patches could be avoided through installation of excellent waterproofing. FireSky Coatings are experts in commercial waterproofing.
  • Offices: Discolorations, mold smells and leaks in the office can be a moral killer for your employees. This can even affect their retention and productivity levels. Quality commercial waterproofing experts from FireSky Coatings will assess the property and offer the best solution to any existing problems.

Areas such as car parking can benefit fundamentally from commercial waterproofing. The undesired leakages can disorient customers. In order to avoid the costly consequence of cheap repairs hire the services of experts in waterproofing. Renewing and maintaining waterproofing sealants must be propriety in businesses of this type. The walk deck and parking garage are some of our specialty areas in commercial waterproofing.

  • Manufacturing: It is an unforgivable mistake to have costly products affected by water leakages due to failure in waterproofing. Manufacturing facilities must be maintained in their highest standard in order to alleviate the likelihood of losing profits. It is therefore indispensible to carefully waterproof the company’s roofing and areas susceptible to leakages.

Primary schools, colleges and universities or any educational facilities must make it their duty to provide safe and clean learning environments. Accidents caused by wetness on the floor can cause lawsuits that were not anticipated. The aesthetic value of ceiling tiles will be damaged therefore destroying the elegance of a class, factory or office facility.

  • Hospitals: A health facility must be kept as clean and as healthy as possible. Health complications like allergic infections can be caused by water damage and mold. Bacteria can easily build up on unrepaired water leaks therefore causing further health complications to patients. Mold spores can also badly affect patients with allergies, asthma and other lung conditions.
  • Real Estate: Failure to inspect property for water leakages can damage the integrity of a construction badly. Water damage on wood can cause peeling of paint. The professionals at FireSky Coatings will provide sealant solutions and offer preventative coating layers before a small leak turns into an unimaginable disaster.

A hotel or restaurant may not get good reviews if their ceilings and floors are leaking and wet. Proper waterproofing must be made a priority by all commercial entities. This is the least they can do to protect the integrity of their services and products. The expense of doing a repair is far less compared to that of hiring professionals to do the commercial waterproofing job for you.

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