FireSky Coatings LLC

Walk Decks

Walk Decks are a great way to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather and can offer spectacular views of the desert landscape. These Decks are often given multiple different name including Roof Decks, View Decks, and Balconies.

At FireSky Coatings, we specialize in building, maintaining, and repairing custom Walk Decks across the state of Arizona. We work on Residential and Commercial Decks of all shapes and sizes.

The Walk Deck Services We Provide

Our technicians at FireSky Coatings are your Go To Guys for all your Walk Deck needs. We have developed strategic processes for each of our Walk Deck procedures. From prep-work and installation to maintenance and repair, everything must be perfect. One small mistake can potentially ruin an entire project. This is why we stand behind our work and promise Service, Integrity, and Quality in all that we do.  

5 x 5 Warranty

At FireSky Coatings, we stand behind our work by offering a 5 Year Warranty on every Walk Deck that we install!