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Winter Rains on your Walk Deck

winter rains on your walk deck

The winter rains are coming and it’s time to get prepared!

Hi, my name is Adam Niskanen, owner of Firesky Coatings.

In the summertime, a lot of people are worried about the monsoon rains. And rightfully so, they can certainly cause damage to your roof and your building. However, many times if you have a leak, a monsoon rain won’t fully exploit that leak. The reason is because it’s a short, heavy, brief burst of rain. And the difference between summer rains and winter rains are quite significant when it comes to leaks.

In the winter rain, we get those all-day drizzles or often times all-night drizzles, where it can really work at a leak. Until eventually, the water finds its way into the home through a light fixture, crack in the drywall, or something else.

Make sure that if your walk deck has any cracks or splits, get it inspected before the winter rains. For a Free Walk Deck Inspection, please call Firesky Coatings @ (480) 299-0590

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