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Tile Walk Decks

tile walk decks

In many cases, tile walk decks are a beautiful touch to your roof top view. Installing tile on your walk deck gives it that modern and high-quality appearance. But along with the beauty aspects of the tile floor deck, there are many common issues that homeowners face when installing this type of walk deck.


When tile walk decks have a leak, there’s only one solution, the tile has to come off. This is very disruptive, expensive, and often leads to installing new plywood across the entire deck. This is the primary reason why our Walk Deck Specialists would recommend that you don’t install tile on your walk deck.


Maintaining “tile walk decks” can be fairly tricky. As stated above, when your tile deck springs a leak, there’s only one way to repair it. Another reason for having to tear up your entire deck is simply because the leak can sometimes be impossible to locate.


Although we do not recommend installing tile on your walk deck, it can still be done with the right process. It is imperative that the waterproofing below the tile is absolutely perfect and there are no mistakes. This way you can maximize the lifespan of your new walk deck.

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So now you know the pros and cons of tile walk decks. After reading this information, you can now make an informed decision on how you plan to build your brand new walk deck! If you have any questions, please call “The Walk Deck Guys” at (480) 299-0590

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