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Firesky Coatings are the “Go To Guys” when it comes to Deck Building in Phoenix

Deck Building

When it comes to selecting an installation company to add a walk deck to your Phoenix property, look no further than the “go to guys” at FireSky Coatings.

FireSky’s walk decks are custom-built to meet individual client needs and no job is too big or too small for this Phoenix-based company that recently celebrated 15 years of service to the community. Based in Phoenix, FireSky Coatings specializes in the construction, maintenance and repair of walk decks throughout Arizona.

Their walk decks can be added to roof-tops, wrapped around a house, or built along the side of a property and, wherever possible, FireSky Coatings will always take full advantage of the beauty of Phoenix’s breathtaking desert sunsets during the installation process.

Apart from increasing the value of a property – be it residential or commercial – walk decks also enhance your lifestyle. They are simply a great and fun way to enjoy the Arizona climate by relaxing outdoors with friends and family, or work colleagues while soaking up that desert landscape.

Also known as view decks, roof decks and balconies, FireSky Coatings has built both residential and commercial walk decks of all shapes and all sizes throughout the length and breadth of Arizona State. Apart from its installation service, FireSky also specializes in walk deck maintenance and repair.

There are many aspects involved in the construction of walk decks in Phoenix.

  • Climatic conditions can have a huge impact on the condition of any walk deck
  • Attention to detail during the installation process is of crucial importance
  • The protective coatings used will play a major role in the longevity of walk decks

The Phoenix climate

Walk decks can be compared to a roof, and as Phoenix residents will know our harsh weather can take its toll of the materials used in the construction. Walk decks are exposed to severe climatic extremes – from the dry and hot desert summers to the below-freezing winters.

Attention to detail

It is for all these reasons that FireSky has aligned itself with Polycoat Products. Years of experience and trial and error proved to the company that Polycoat Products are the best available on the market when it comes to treating materials used in the construction of walk decks.

As recognized walk deck specialists, FireSky Coatings pays attention to every detail involved in this process. In fact, FireSky Coatings is so confident about its high standards of workmanship that it offers each and every one of its customers throughout Arizona a five- year warranty.

Protective coatings

Homeowners are offered peace of mind that their walk decks can withstand all the elements of blistering heat and freezing cold because Polycoat Products are established market leaders in waterproofing and coatings. More than three decades of advanced technology and innovation has cemented Polycoat Products as a proven coating solution to both contractors and architects.

Reasons why you should choose FireSky Coatings

The company pledge of “service, integrity, and quality” in all the work that they undertake is reinforced by their team of technicians whose mission it is to complete each and every project to perfection. As a FireSky spokesman said: “it only takes one small mistake to potentially ruin a project”, the company works with a strict procedural code from prepping the site to installation, maintenance and repairs.

Every project is undertaken with the end-goal being the delivery of a flawless product. With that in mind, the company does not undertake quick turnaround projects. They don’t push their staff to work as quickly as possible because walk deck construction is a time-consuming process and FireSky believes in getting the job done properly from the outset. 

In fact, the company is so confident of its work ethic, that it offers every Phoenix walk deck customer a five-year warranty. Now that’s not an offer to be sneezed at!

Not to mention that FireSky Coatings also offers potential clients a FREE inspection service. Existing walk deck owners who suspect that their asset is in need of maintenance or waterproofing should give FireSky Coatings a call. After all, their evaluation is free of charge and their qualified technicians will offer advice and quotations, where needed.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact FireSky Coatings today at:


 Phone: (480) 299-0590

Hours: Their offices are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Please note that they are closed on weekends.

Address: 625 W Deer Valley Road, STE 103 Box 135, Phoenix, AZ 85027

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