FireSky Coatings LLC

About Us - Firesky Coatings

We are a family owned business with over 15 years experience. We offer Walk Deck and Waterproofing Services across the state of Arizona. These services include Walk Deck Installation, Repair, and Maintenance. We do all types of Waterproofing as well.

We stand behind our work and promise Service, Integrity, and Quality in all that we do!

My Story

"For over 15 years I have worked hands on with Painting and Waterproofing at two other companies. I really enjoyed all types of Painting but the thing I enjoyed doing most was Walk Decks and Waterproofing. Finishing a perfect Walk Deck was the coolest thing ever. So, I decided to start my own Business working solely on Walk Decks and Waterproofing. And FireSky Coatings was born!"

-  Adam Niskanen (Owner)